S-Modular is a semi modular synthesizer for your iPad.

S-Modular has been designed to have everything on one screen to make patching quick and easy. Drag from one jack port to another to make a connection, tap a plugged port to change the wires color instantly.

S-Modular has a unique and vintage sound quality, reminiscent of synthesizers from the 70s, warm and rich in character.


– Audiobus 3
– IAA (Inter-App Audio)
– 2x oscillators
– 24db/oct ladder filter
– Resonant hi low-pass filter
– 2x LFO
– 4 step cv sequencer
– 4 track Mixer
– Audio and cv spliter
– 2x AHR envelope generators
– Delay


Outputs sawtooth, square, triangle, sine and pink noise

Controls for octave, semitone and cent are avalable.

This oscillator must have a cv (control voltage) input.

Takes CV
Takes Audio

Low pass filter

Resonent lowpass filter. Can take a cv to contol cutoff. This filter has a growling quality to it.

Takes CV
Takes Audio
Outputs Audio

Highpass / lowpass

A resonent high and low pass filter. Can take two CVs to contol cutoff

Takes CV
Takes Audio
Outputs Audio


This Low frequency oscillator is similar to the those found on MS-20s.

Controls for rate, adjustable slope/pulsewidth, tempo sync, one shot or free and fade in.

Outputs cv


This is a four-step sequencer which outputs cv signals. You can trigger individual steps or have them run in sequence via the clock.

Outputs cv


This creates an ahr envelope. It is triggered via the sequencer.

Outputs cv


Standard mixer can output audio from channel 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 or 1 to 4.

Takes Audio
Outputs Audio

Splitter / Amp

This module lets you split a single signal in to two. The ampletude of the signal can be changed with the knob and/or a cv signal

It is important to note that the top block deals with audio signals whilst the bottom block deals with CV signals

Takes Audio
Outputs Audio
Takes CV
Outputs CV


This is module holds the master audio output, master volume and a handy 12 db/oct lowpass filter.

This is also where you can save and load patches, hide wires and access global options like knob interaction type.

Takes Audio


Harness the power of 9 independent synthesizers right at your finger tips.

PRFORM is comprised of 4 synths(2 leads, bass and pad) and 5 synth drum modules(bass, clap, snare, hi-hat, and noise) all playable from an on screen 4x4 grid of 16 performance pads. The performance pads are also trigger-able via MIDI and Audiobus Remote allowing you to play inspiring live performances.

PRFORM also has 5 effects and a 4 track looper. PRFORM has a vast array of parameters easily accessible throw its lcd display, enabling you to create a vast palette of unique sounds to your taste, whether it be: Trap, Dubstep, EDM, Dubstep, DNB, House, Electro, Future bass, Brostep, Hardstyle, Foot work, Techno, Trance, Bass music, Downtempo, House, Trap or U.K. Garage.

PRFORM has a 4 track volatile memory looper for quick and easy building of tracks during live performances, jams or just getting ideas down.

Play anywhere, on-the-go, on the bus, in the studio or on stage.

Key Features

- Synth modules: mono-synth lead, supersaw lead, bass, pad
- Drum synth modules: bass drum, snare, clap, hi-hat, noise burst
- Master effects: delay, reverb, distortion, flanger/chorus, bit-crusher
- Audiobus 2
- Audiobus Remote (triggers for all 16 pads)
- MIDI for triggering pads
- Looper; 4 track volatile memory looper
– 16 pad grid controller (4x4)
- 99 saveable patch slots
– 6 Presets
- Autosave

PRFORM - The 9 synthesizer modules

Synth Modules:

PRFORM has 9 synth modules, that can be triggered via the 16 performance pads in a live or studio recording. Each module has an "LCD display" for control of the synthesizers and effects parameters.
PRFORM has 5 send effects, allowing you to add depth to your performance.

– Mono-synth lead - has 3 trigger pads and features a 24db/octave resonant ladder style filter and 12db/octave high-pass filter
– Supersaw lead - 8000 style detonable supersaw has 4 trigger pads, 6db/oct high-pass and 12db/oct low-pass filters
– Bass - has 3 trigger pads with fm oscillator, a 6db/octave resonant low-pass filter connected to LFO for Dubstep Wub bass, and distortion and bit-crusher
– Pad - 4 oscillator synth with 24db/octave resonant filter. Its oscillators amplitudes can be controlled via joystick or 2 supplied LFOs

Drum Synth modules:

Classic Synthesized drum sounds are at the heart of PRFORM.
– Bass Drum - 808 style bass drum
– Snare - Modules after vintage analog drum machines
– Clap - A rudimentary 808 clap
– Hi-Hat - 808 style and ring modulation configuration available
– Noise Burst - Sculpt sounds from white noise, ranging from hi-at, analog style crash cymbal to build up

Send effects:

Send effects add a huge amount of depth to your performance.
– Delay
– Reverb
– Chorus
– Clip
– Bit-Crusher

Master bus out:

– 24db/octave low-pass filter
– Softclip



Vintage Electro–Theremin, Onassis Martino style synth. This app captures the magic of early classic slider controlled synthesisers such as the Ondes-Martenot (1928) Trautonium (1929) and Tannerin/electro-theremin (1950s) The E Theremin has three oscillators that generate a rich fat analogue tone, with a choice of 4 waveforms (saw, square, triangle and sine) octave shift and amp control. The E Theremin can achieve portamento, vibrato and quarter-tones with precise control. 4 presets allow you to store your sounds and jump quickly between them during performance.

Key Features

– Two oscillators – 5 waveforms
– New classic style theremin waveform
– 4 octave scrolling keyboard
– 4 octave slide control
– Reverb with 11 presets
– Delay (can preform endless loops)
– Fat analogue sound
– Retina GUI


In 1928 Maurice Martenot created one of the first electronic musical instruments, entitled; the Ondes-Martenot, the prerunner to the theremin, similar in sound but with a very different type of user interaction, an inspiring slider on a cord was used. Later in the 1950s Paul Tanner invented the Tannerin a.k.a. Electro Theremin. The Tannerin used the same slider controls as the Ondes-Martenot to control pitch. The Tannerin went on to play a large role in records such as The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”.

SynthDrum Pads

SynthDrum Pads 100% synthesized signal path, Virtual Analog Drum Synthesiser, with 32 step sequencer, Audiobus and Inter-app audio.

SynthDrum Pads has an audio engine and clean interface that makes it a breeze to make the percussion sounds you want; weather it be classic 80s transistor drum sounds, warm bass and ambient tones or modern percussive elements commonly used for modern EDM, Electronica and Dance.

Whether you’re looking for a chilled out feel to soothe, or a big fat bass to really turn heads SynthDrum Pads is exactly the addition you need to your audio arsenal to provide you with the variety of mood and texture you want, giving you an awestruck audience every time .

SynthDrum Pads now has a 32 step sequencer, coupled with shuffle control, allowing you to get the atmosphere you want with a human feel that lets you make each beat you produce feel unique.

Download it today and add some synthesised percussion to you music.

Get hands-on with your beats

Sculpt the sound you want with VA tone generators, LFOs and EG. Perform on 4 pads or compose on the 32 step sequencer. A 'one knob per parameter' makes it easy to quickly tweak your sounds during live sets.

View the Tutorial

Connectivity and Versatility

SynthDrum incorporates audiobus support, allowing audio connection and recording to 100s of great music apps including GarageBand.

Key Features

– 100% synthesized signal path
– Light on cpu
– Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer
– 32 step sequencer
– 4 Multi-touch Pads
– 4 Voices
– 3 Signal generators per voice; Noise, Click and Tone
– Modify pads 3 & 4 with Frequency Modulation
– 4 Save/Load slots
– Delay unit (with infinite looping capabilities)
– Audiobus 2 support (Requires iOS 8 or higher)
– Inter-app audio
– Retina display support
– Swing control
– 4 taps average tap tempo
– One knob per parameter

E-Theremin MkII

Turning your iPad in to a classic sounding theremin.

The E-Theremin MkII translates the unique and distinctly eerie sound of the theremin onto a digital interface, allowing you to control pitch and volume on a x/y pad. A second x/y pad is provided for controlling vibrato. Additional controls are accessible for control of the waveform, band pass filter, and envelopes. Two DSP effects; reverb and delay let you take your sound to a whole new level. The reverb's room size can be set to small room all the way up to unearthly vast spaces.

1.2 introduces a 4 octave keyboards and two part polyphony (one part for X/Y pad, one part for keyboard).

Get the that classic sci-fi / horror sound!

Key Features

– 4 waveforms
– ADSR amp envelope
– BP Filter with Q
– X/Y Pad for pitch and amp control
– 2nd X/Y Pad for pitch modulation/vibrato
– New 4 octave Keyboard
– Audiobus 2.2.2 support


8 oscillator ribbon mono synth with fine tunable chord memory.

The XYPad allows smooth pitch control and immediate jump to play back of 8 "Chord Slot"

Chord Slots are the saved, fine or corse oscillators pitches. RS-08 has 8 Chord Slots.

the XYPad allows instant call back of a Chord Slot making RS-08 a grate synth for playing one finger chords, or rich and dense cluster chords, or super saw like textures.

The XYPad combined with careful setup of "Chord Slot" and glide control can yield great Micropolyphony performances.

RS-08 is a unusual synthesizer loosely inspired by the compositions of György Ligeti.

Key Features

— 8 oscillators
— High Pass filter cutoff
— Resonant Low Pass Filter
— Amp ADSR
— On Board Effects; Chorus Reverb, Delay, Haas Spreader
— XYPad (Master Pitch on X, Chord Slot change on Y)
— 8 Waveforms
— Glide (like portamento)
— Stagger (delays the pitch change of each oscillator)
— 99 Patch Save Slots

View the user manual


WubSynth is a synthesiser designed specifically for making Dubstep, DNB and EDM lead bass/synth.

WubSynth key features are its tempo synced modulation panel with easy controllable speed and its bit crusher that has a very vocal sounding digital crunch.

Key Features

— Powerful sound, simple interface
— Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
— Saw, PW/square
— FM oscillator
— Highpass filter and resonent lowpass filter (LP modulatable)
— Haas stereo spreader, chourus, clip, bit-crusher
— Tempo sync LFO with right hand thumb control
— 5 octave keyboard
— Autosave to 99 save slots
— New file manager see all patches in grid view (press hold to rename)

Synth Automata

Synth Automata is an app designed for making Generative music.

Synth Automata achieves Algorithmic composition via the uses of an interactive Cellular Automata (Conway's Game of Life) as a trigger for notes. The user can select what scale the Automata maps to, The generated notes are then passed on to the synthesizer and onboard effects.

It was inspired my a talk given by Brian Eno and Will Wright.

Key Features

– 8x8 Cellular Automata
– 64 oscillators
– Ladder style resonant low-pass filter
– Onboard effects; reverb, delay
– Tempo control
– Programable scale
– AHD amp envelope
– 3 waveforms
– High-pass filter
– Made in Cornwall, UK

Sound Boards

A collection of sound boards by Design By Paul, intended to make music creation easy. The collection spans populer genres of electronic dance music.

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